All Characters from Veminox in Order of Appearance

WARNING: Before you begin, please take note of three things.

1: By the very nature of this page, scrolling down will spoil the order and names of characters as they appear in the overarching plot of Veminox. Please keep this in mind and consider reading the Alphabetical List instead if you wish to avoid this.

2: Each character's page is divided into sections that each contain an assessment of them for each sequential arc of the series. To prevent spoilers of when characters appear or disappear from the story, all characters have a description for each arc, even if it's as simple as "Dead and does not appear in this arc".

3: Reading a character's assessment for Arc 2 and beyond may spoil plot elements of the prior arcs. Read with caution. Do not read about a character you have not yet seen in the story if you do not want them spoiled.

Arc 1 descriptions are completely safe and do not spoil important plot details of the first 50 entries, just as Arc 2 descriptions do not spoil the events for that character in 51-100, and so on.

Claudia Nierra

King Sallith Govoria

Reginald Frost




Augustus of The Mirekian Merchant's Alliance


Merrian West

Kaj and Kimora

Pali Govoria

Maximus Govoria

Cole Govoria

Yindel of the Twisting Feather


Daliah Nierra

Cochran Nierra


Glaradalle of the Twisting Feather

Brinne Vethina


Cato Entona

Elaine Entona

King Adam of Rose Amon

The Vizier