The daughter of the single father and alleged Dragonslayer, Juxxa. Eight years old when initially captured, Minah is now close to ten years old after a year of captivity and Juxxa’s arena matches. Her true condition and status is a mystery, and will only be confirmed by Juxxa’s own eyes. Naturally, given Sallith’s eagerness to have Juxxa killed in the arena before the agreement is met, Juxxa fears the worst.

Minah is an accomplished archer with particularly strong aptitude in Vextrus, the second rank of magic, used to heal, bind, redirect, and pull objects. She is affectionate but shrewd, often the first to ask dismissive questions. Her mother, Selephere, was killed and consumed by a monster shortly after birthing her, and thus she has lived in solitude with her father, growing very close to and prideful of him.

Though softer at heart, her father’s bloodlust still churns within her. Wherever Sallith is keeping her captive, it is likely that she is not making it easy for him.