Been away from things for a while. Here’s the situation for now:

I’ve just completed the rough draft of a new project I have been struggling with for the past few years. Three key points on that:

It’ll be published online, free to read, like Noctiluca.

It is a planned series, but I am going to hold off a bit before working on the sequel.

It’ll be my most experimental and emotional piece, combining psychological horror, action, and mystery. Some of the references may be worn on its sleeve, mainly in the first three chapters. I was thematically exploring the concept of extremes, of living to particular ideals, and stretching it to a near breaking point. But I also just wanted a project that was fun to write, and my mind ended up drifting there.

The other two important updates are:

Feedback is almost done. That was the other key challenge that left me unable to produce any completed work. Now, after enough time and experience, I feel much better about the project’s conclusion and feel I’ve waited the right amount of time.

Veminox is coming back, and will no longer be attached to email marketing. I’m dropping that system entirely as I have no passion for emails. Anyone can read something as fast or slow as they want. I’ll make the first part free.

Since I’m done with email marketing, I’ll also change Feedback 1 and 2 to just be free on my site.

I’m also working on an additional project, here and there. Something in the avenue of a short film, though it’s a bit early to reveal too much. It’ll be released for free on my site, probably YouTube as well.

No definite dates, but I’m in a situation where I can work on creative projects consistently again, so that’s nice.


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