The Feedback Serial – Silent Dystopia

My passion project is a series of novella-length books about a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world where all loud noise, including music and singing, is banned. The story follows Eric, a young and intense doctor finishing college when his friend disappeares from under his nose.

He soon realizes he is being framed, and the story ratchets up from there into a gradual mystery, uncovering the truth about why his society is forced to be silent and what, if anything, they can do to change things.


You can click the image to the right to try the first two episodes (novella), Impulse and Reverb, for free!


So far, these books are available:

Feedback serial books from season one

Including as a bundle volume (now in print!)

And these four, Season Two, are coming next:

Feedback Season Two Covers

Click ANY of the pictures to visit my Amazon author page. Or check out the books on various stores other than Amazon.

The links are below:

Feedback Ep. 1: Impulse (Free Forever)

Feedback Ep 2: Reverb (Offered Free on Mailing List)

Feedback Ep 3: Mixer

Feedback Ep 4: Chorus

Feedback Season One Bundle: Ep 1-4



For the most part, Feedback takes place in Flatson, a tightly-packed coastal nation of three cities. Flatson has a culture that identifies silence with peace and control, and thus goes to great length to maintain a quiet society.

The only other nation in the reconstructed world is Unibar, a more naturalistic republic with nearly no restrictions on noise levels.


How Feedback Is Different

A complex dystopia that doesn't push from one political angle.

Detailed world-building but dense with action. No filler!

A brutal, unpredictable story. You will not guess how things turn out!

Characters and a world that both grow and change over many books.


    • Hi Melissa!

      Sorry for missing your comment. If you email me at, I can send you an E-Pub file. Currently episode 2 is only on Amazon and it will be that way for a little while. I’m glad you enjoyed the first one!

  1. I found your story t instafreebie and loved it. My review will be up tonight or tomorrow. If you are looking for reviews I would love to review this series for you.

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