Random Lines From Veminox – 2

Veminox Arc Three, titled the Cleansing of Veminox, is coming before Christmas! To celebrate how far this strange journey into my main dark fantasy project has been up to now, and because I love JoJo, I thought I’d do something in a similar spirit and list some random, out of context lines from Veminox’s past two arcs.



“A life-saving potion? Now there’s the stuff of silly fantasies.”


Juxxa split Kaj perfectly down the middle with one screaming drop of the halberd, all the way to the groin. One half fell forward, the other backward, and the sand all around caked together into a slightly darker crimson.


“Oh, it’s embarrassing, but why not go all the way? There was a time when your father organized some young suitors for me. Boys our age. They were all born from palace servants and lived there, so they were guaranteed to never expose the secret of my capture. He gathered ten boys, all dressed far beyond anything they would ever wear again, so long as they lived, I imagine. I got to wear this fantastic dress. I wish I could go back to that room and get it.”

“Wait, I’m not following. Are you saying you met with a bunch of boys in some kind of dance?”

“That’s right. Organized within my room. There were lovely decorations, refreshments, and of course some strict guards just in case.”


“Hold the baby.”

Without hesitation or thought, he picked the baby out of her cradling arms. She had clothes fit for a doll and she easily fit in his two cupped hands. Her eyelids were big and heavy for her face, as her skull was not the right size. Still, he saw that baby Epiphany had the same high, curving eyebrows as Merrian.

“She is yours. You love her. You will cherish her and protect her. You will live with me and forget everything else.”

“I… will…” Rat bared his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut. “No… I cannot. I’m sorry.”

She had played her hand too soon. Her overt commands had given Rat’s powerful, also-Chosen mind enough rope to climb away. He handed her back gently.

“Heh, forgive me, Rat. Just a little joke.”


Cloverra threw a rainbow burst of sparkles at Yindel, establishing the spell that would move all barricades. Brinne’s tentacles shifted and wiggled like plucked sitar strings.


And now, the winner, I think, of this random drawing:

Yindel’s eyes flipped all the way open, lighting up a sneer. “Filthy insect! This is the real reason why you wanted a female around you, isn’t it?”


You can read Veminox for free right now. Check it out!


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