Cato Entona


Does not appear in this arc.


One of King Adam’s Fallstreaks, a unique form of Chosen that is undetectable by any other Chosen, except for other Fallstreaks. This is at the cost of significantly reduced emotions and empathy.

Cato is the brother of Elaine Entona, and the leader of Adam’s Fallstreaks. Both he and his sister are orphans, and are not aware of what Chosen actually are when they first encounter Claudia and her Band. Whether they have parents who were Chosen or were born directly from Cloverra, like Sallith’s children, is not certain. In either case, they appear to be twins of similar age, though they do not know their dates of birth.

Cato’s combat prowess is based in his incredibly dexterity, agility, and accuracy, enough to catch an arrow in mid-flight. He and his allies’ preferred weapon of choice are their belts of light throwing knives.

He is a baritone man in his thirties. He and his sister possess surprisingly similar bodies, for Cato is a bottom-heavy man with thick and powerful legs. Combined with the long hair and eye shadow, Cato is often mistaken for a woman in his first encounters with new people. Both their long hair is naturally an ashy black, although Cato dyes his red.

An elite operative of Rose Amon King’s servants, Cato is a master of stealth, infiltration, and if necessary, assassination. His choice of wardrobe is the white shell armor gifted to his group by King Adam, along with an azure scarf worn around the face.

Cato’s Chosen power is the ability to sense emotional weaknesses in those nearby. In their past days as carnival performers, Cato used this to throw off and dazzle the crowd, telling silly fortunes that brought up their greatest fears. By and large, however, he and his fellow Fallstreaks worked in the Carnival performing physical feats of agility and danger, such as knife-throwing, tightrope walking over pits of dangerous monsters, and various tricks and juggling acts with swords. Cato’s band also served as a form of elite security for the Carnival as well, putting a stop to thefts, fires, and other disasters, natural and intended.

However, this way of life felt empty, exploitative, and unsatisfying. Eventually, King Adam discovered them and made them a curious offer that transformed them from regular Chosen into Fallstreaks, making them practically invisible operatives against any potential Chosen enemies. Even Cato does not remember the ritual very well, and part of the deal was to not speak of it. He wonders, just like Elaine, what the true cost of becoming a Fallstreak was.

Sharp, observant, and demanding, Cato has reduced emotions because of his Fallstreak condition, although the reason behind this exchange is unclear. He is a terse man, but cares for his sister and will always protect her. His sense of duty and loyalty is dually strong yet fragile, and he responds harshly toward any perceived betrayal.

When Cato discovers Claudia’s Band and the reality of what he and his sister both are, he decides to follow her, driven to know the truth of what the Chosen really are and how the Fallstreaks are different.