A wealthy entrepreneur with a foreign name, who has lived in Mirek for several years. Rat has connections between key players in Mirek’s textile, confectionery, masonry, pit mining, and secondhand goods industries. He also has a mysterious ability to read the thoughts of those nearby, a secret with which he trusts Claudia. In terms of appearance, Rat is reasonably fit and blessed with a similar straight nose and long dark hair as Sallith, only Rat is far less dark or swarthy. He speaks eloquently, and with a high, but not effeminate voice.

Claudia discovers Rat is her neighbor, and due to him being slightly younger than her and somewhat awkward, she suspects that he has no good intentions. This changes when Rat intervenes in a dangerous encounter, and declares his support for her plan of revenge against Sallith, which he read in her mind well beforehand.

The intrusive nature of Rat’s mind-reading, and their difference in social class, make Claudia uncomfortable and suspicious at first. Still, Rat is an ideal business partner for Claudia, matching her intense desire for justice and creative ideas with the funds and connections to make them happen. In many ways, Rat appears even more driven to achieve justice and right wrongs than Claudia, partly due to succeeding in the past.

Rat hates violence, but to protect himself he carries a pommeled, short saber, and his mind reading gives him an unnatural, eerie advantage in predicting his opponent’s moves. Although Claudia cannot discern the specific reasons for which Rat is helping her, his feelings and intentions are undoubtedly genuine. His aid comes from a place of respect, and Claudia’s life experience makes this hard to take at face value.

Before moving to Mirek for unspecified reasons, Rat grew up in Rose Amon, the greatest human city. Though he did not actually serve, certain experiences in the Rose Amon Navy gave him a deep sense of decorum, respect, and tenacity. However, animal names like Rat are common to human cultures further south, such as Delvina. His full name is unstated, making him likely an orphan.