Merrian West


A young woman nearing thirty, and the Record Keeper of the Mirekian Atheneum, placing her in charge of both managing the Atheneum and all information going in and out of Mirek. Merrian’s especially dark skin, beautiful facial features, and shaved head lend her a distinguished appearance, to say nothing of her composed, aristocratic wit.

Merrian is a true Mirekian native but nearly as well connected as Rat. Though only indirect royalty, she has a reputation as a “Desert Princess” outside of the north. She is the heiress to one of the most powerful families of the desert city, and the 33rd in line to the throne.

Dark of skin and mind, Merrian West had several encounters that intertwined her with Rat. Eventually, she found ways to support his powers and use them, in ways she thought would be best for the both of them. Her love and dedication, however, were of a kind Rat could never tolerate.

Merrian is calculating, cold, but grand in her emotions, quietly and calmly making gestures that meeker women never could. She possesses a domestic heart and loves children, hoping to have some of her own. Her quaint dreams, however, put her at firm odds with her family, who pressured her all her life to pursue the absurd path to the Mirekian throne, despite being 33rd in line and that a queen has never been accepted in the city’s history.

Rat avoids any contact with Merrian whenever possible, believing her to be obsessed with him. However, the reality of Merrian’s feelings toward Rat, and of her allegiances and goals, is more complicated.