Maximus Govoria


One of the three ten-year-old, motherless princes to King Sallith Govoria of Mirek. Maximus and his two brothers, Pali and Cole, are nonidentical triplets from an unknown mother, of whom Sallith tells them nothing. Maximus and his brothers are also Chosen. Sharing a unique power among themselves, the three boys are able to read each others' thoughts at any distance, with enough effort. Instead of making them close, this has made the three boys painfully aware of their differences, and encouraged a respectful distance as all three of them work through puberty.

Maximus’s skin is between the paleness of Pali and the darkness of Cole. He is a thick boy in body and mind, and the most fond of exercise. Maximus does not have the combat training of Pali, but is in better shape and health. His hair bunches naturally in short, kinky curls.

He is put off by Cole’s passion for reading and the time he spends in his room, although Cole still gets enough exercise to remain healthy and fit.

Ever the tease and jester, Maximus is the least invested of the brothers in royal matters. Lacking ambition or forethought, he chases the pleasure of exercise and activity to a nearly obsessive degree, happy to let Pali handle present matters and Cole investigate their past. After much collision of personalities, Sallith eventually respected Maximus’s will, and no longer expects him to compete as a successor.

Just like Pali, however, Maximus will charge into danger without hesitation for the sake of his brothers and father.


In truth, Chosen are born out of the Fey, or from other Chosen. Maximus and his brothers are truly motherless, spawned as a consequence of Sallith fighting and eventually escaping his forced absorption into Cloverra. This made Maximus wonder whether he could even be classified as human.

In the conclusion to the standoff between Claudia and her allies against Wisp, an enormous construct descended from the sky, a vessel unlike any ever seen before. From it, Ven Quari arrived and took Wisp away, promising their world would be safe. Sallith and Cole saw fit to go with them, to escape Juxxa's wrath and hopefully help the Chosen. However, this was a premature decision, and after those two were out of sight on the flying vessel, the Ven Quari threatened to kill the others. Terrified by the prospect that both his brother and father were now in the clutches of wretched beings that meant them harm, Pali charged hopelessly into battle against the alien creatures, and Maximus followed to try and stop him. In one swipe, both of them were bisected in half by the Ven Quari's colorful, morphing swords of light.

The two boys died in agony, terrified for their brother and father, but were at least able to pass from the world hand-in-hand. What's more, the violent murder of two Chosen boys prompted Cloverra to snatch its trap and fight against the Ven Quari after all.