Claudia Nierra


An ex-jurist fresh into her thirties, and one of the only women in Mirek to enter professional law. Her mother, Daliah, is the only family she has, and she sets her sights high in life so that Daliah’s hard work does not go to waste. With Sallith’s bigoted and wasteful rule as King, however, all of the expense and time spent learning her trade were rendered virtually pointless.

An impassioned and sensual woman, Claudia feels a strong urge to provide recompense to anyone who helps her, and a raging desire for justice, or vengeance, especially for those who wrong innocent people. She has difficulty turning these feelings aside, even when they are impractical.

She can be gullible or overly trusting, often due to overconfidence in her ability to turn a bad situation around if and when someone betrays her.

Raised in the unforgiving desert city of Mirek, she is naturally repulsed by abusive authority, but able to hide her feelings and remain in their good graces to later work against them. Despite her failures as a jurist, she continues to fight for the rights and freedom of others.

Faced with starvation and poverty while trying to live on her own, she attempts to steal something valuable from the Mirek Palace through a mysterious window that had not been there before.