King Sallith Govoria


The xenophobic King of Mirek, the first of a newly-established royal line. His rise from common soldier to replacement monarch of his own homeland began when his three triplet sons were born, an event shrouded in mystery. To publicly speculate on the identity of their mother is a high crime, with a sentence of 1000 lashes. Sallith has long, dark hair and a similarly ocher complexion befitting a native of the Goring Dessert. He is a fit man, and described as having a strong nose.

While on a mission under the orders of his King, he had a mysterious encounter in the Crown of Pines. Years later, that King was assassinated. Sallith, then a respected Royal Guard General, campaigned that the assassination was performed by “impure” humans, meaning those with magical lineage, or by non-humans. No evidence for this claim was actually attained, but detractors say that the common folk practically carried their new King into the throne.

His reign has been a boon to local business, but he has withdrawn nearly all autonomy from the legal system, giving Claudia Nierra no recourse to protect the poor from unfair allegations.

He is the only Mirekian King in history to have risen up from non-noble origins, and his populist, anti-foreigner message allows him to do virtually no wrong in the eyes of the commoners.

Sallith commissioned the Mirek Colosseum, and while this uprooted thousands of people and destroying their homes to clear space, has cemented his favor by providing a stream of wealth to the rich and entertainment to the poor.