King Adam Ulthovich


Does not appear in this arc.


The 41st King of Rose Amon, the mightiest of the human city states. A mercurial ruler, Adam can grow from calm, pleasant, and borderline sleepy to paranoid and damning when tested. In any case, he is a healthy old man with sharp eyes that often look beyond the person he speaks toward.

Adam will do whatever it takes to protect what is most precious to him. In most cases, this would mean his city, but only Rat, the mind reader who spent so much time around him, would have a more complete picture of the man’s motivations.

In the past, Adam was Rat’s mentor and a father figure. The King, in his younger years, took a chance on the strange boy who could seemingly read minds, leading to Adam’s long entanglement with the Chosen, and a number of tragic events that neither Adam nor Rat care to speak of.

With a strange new threat in the Rose Amon Lake preying upon any citizens who enter the water, Adam has shut the gates to the city as a quarantine, preventing the Mirekians from finding refuge in the city most suited to being their haven. Claudia depends heavily on Rat’s standing relationship to this monarch, but she suffers from doubt after seeing the unspoken pain in Rat’s eyes once the two men are reunited.