Yindel of the Twisting Feather


Full name: Yindel Sunspear of the Twisting Feather. A curious elf girl who hides in Cole’s room of the Mirekian Palace. She has a bizarre affinity for traveling to places unseen and through illogical points, as if every wall is her door, though only Cole has actually seen the secret of her methods.

Cole must keep this strange elf girl, who looks similar to his age, hidden from his father and anyone else in the palace, as nonhumans are strictly banned from Mirek under Sallith’s decree.

Yindel has been helping Cole with her strange ability, serving as a transport for scrolls and other documents that help the boy uncover his father’s past. She has not admitted her exact reasons for helping him, but Cole has growing to trust her and view her as a friend.


In truth, Yindel of the Twisting Feather is the daughter of Glaradalle, leader of the Ven Quari Elven Covenant. Yindel loved her father once, but has silently followed his immoral plans for too long. Her assistance toward Cole using Cloverra's wall-walking spell was simply a means of gaining trust with one of the princes and having a reason to move throughout the palace, setting up holes and spying on the King and his servants as the Ven Quari, Wisp, desired. This is why there was a strange window in Sallith's treasure room, as Glaradalle had received orders to leave such a thing as a test of the Palace's security.

After Claudia and the others were captured by Wisp and all seemed hopeless, Yindel appeared through the roof of their cell and admitted who she was, assisting with a plan to save Mirek and end the Covenent. Ultimately, she killed her father to stop him from hurting anyone else. The ramifications of this violently independent decision will affect Yindel for the rest of her life.

Now, Yindel is a member of the Band of the Chosen and loyal to her new friends. As the sole elf of the group, she is eager to make perspectives heard. Though Yindel can be cold, and rejected Cole's interest in her due to their age difference, she is willing to sacrifice almost anything to protect those who matter to her. The issue becomes who matters to her, because even her father fell from that grace when he turned into a hedonistic cur.

Despite looking like a young female, Yindel is in her fifties, because elves reach full physical maturity at around 100 years.