Cole Govoria


One of the three ten-year-old, motherless princes to King Sallith Govoria of Mirek. Cole and his two brothers, Pali and Maximus, are nonidentical triplets from an unknown mother, of whom Sallith tells them nothing. Cole and his brothers are also Chosen. Sharing a unique power among themselves, the three boys are able to read each others' thoughts at any distance, with enough effort. Instead of making them close, this has made the three boys painfully aware of their differences, and encouraged a respectful distance as all three of them work through puberty.

Cole is the shortest of the brothers, and has the darkest complexion, but is still a fair bit whiter than his father, lending him a deep curiosity about their mother. Inquisitive and insatiable, Cole will stop at nothing to discover the truth that his father conceals. He is passionate about reading and writing, but within him lies an ugly talent for violence that goes beyond the fine-honed skills of Pali or the physical fitness of Maximus.

Cole feels the most alone of the royal family of four, hidden in his room on a quest that his brothers do not care about and that his father strongly prohibits. Still, Cole has formed secret connections outside the palace that allow him to receive information. He is learning about his father, bit by bit, and refuses to accept his claim that the truth will harm him.

Although serious, Cole is a master of royal etiquette and easily enters a calm, reasonable, intimate tone. He is the most handsome and admired by the servants, doted on by the older women in particular. Despite being a troublemaker, and that Sallith would not say it out loud, Cole is his ideal choice for a successor.

Cole’s anger arises from a caring nature that is easily outraged. When he discovers his father doing something that he feels is wrong, he will do what he can to secretly intervene. Cole’s brothers are more eager to fight to protect each other and their father, but Cole can quell those feelings when necessary and take the more complex and painful path, if it seems wiser.


In truth, Chosen are born out of the Fey, or from other Chosen. Cole and his brothers are truly motherless, spawned as a consequence of Sallith fighting and eventually escaping his forced absorption into Cloverra. Cole is uncertain of how to take this knowledge, now that his father has finally told him directly.


In the conclusion to the standoff between Claudia and her allies against Wisp, an enormous construct descended from the sky, a vessel unlike any ever seen before. From it, Ven Quari arrived and took Wisp away, promising their world would be safe. Sallith saw fit to go with them, to escape Juxxa's wrath and hopefully help the Chosen. Cole decided his father should not go alone, but also that not all three princes should leave Veminox. Thus, he went with his father onto the strange vessel, set to do diplomatic work on a new world.

However, this was a premature decision, and after those two were out of sight on the flying vessel, the Ven Quari threatened to kill the others. Terrified by the prospect that both his brother and father were now in the clutches of wretched beings that meant them harm, Pali charged hopelessly into battle against the alien creatures, and Maximus followed to try and stop him. In one swipe, both of them were bisected in half by the Ven Quari's colorful, morphing swords of light. Cole, possessing the Chosen link that told him his brother's thoughts, was awash in regret and terror, and then grew catatonic when the constant stream of his brothers' thoughts finally left his mind forever.

Ever since, Claudia and the others do not know how Cole is faring or where exactly he is. One thing is certain: the loss of his brothers, leading to the loss of his Chosen power, is an unprecedented event, with unknown results.