Brinne Vethina


An extremely powerful and talented thaumaturge-to-be, and right hand to Wisp, Archmage King of Nimb Vard. She is the best friend and childhood companion of Daliah, although the two middle-aged women have lived completely different lives.

Brinne is fascinated by magical power and the fulfillment of potential. She is a blond, rare in the desert lands of Gorung, with a fair and exceptionally proportioned face. As a Nimb Vardian mage but not yet a thaumaturge, Brinne is eager to earn the right to perform the secret blooming ceremony, which will warp her flesh into something grotesque in exchange for greatly enhanced magical aptitude. Despite being one of the most beautiful women in the world, Brinne has never valued her appearance and considers her goal an easy sacrifice.

When she discovers the power that lies within Claudia, she decides to train her to master it. As a teacher, Brinne is cold and dedicated to fast results, but in magical research she grows more calm and empathetic.

Brinne, Daliah, and Daliah’s eventual husband, Cochran, were friends as children, growing up together in Nimb Vard and learning magic. Daliah’s aptitude was high, though not as high as the prodigy, Brinne, and her desire to live a happy domestic life won out over any desire to become a skilled mage. This was a difficult choice for Brinne to accept, for multiple reasons, but she insisted that they remain friends, even if much of it was through Brinne’s momentum alone.

Brinne is a skyward-gazing sort. More than anything, she yearns to discover how far Veminoxians can go, figuratively and literally.