Reginald Frost


The honored Mirekian Palace Guard Captain and a formidable warrior, although behind closed doors his relationship to his King is shaky at best.

Reginald is a serious, stern, but slightly playful man, and his true motivations are unclear. Despite being renown among the Mirekian people and a voice of reason below Sallith, he holds his life in oddly low regard. Coupled with his disinterest in the King’s hidden complexes, it was only a matter of time before Sallith cast him aside.

He is a confident and masculine sort, highly skilled in swordsmanship. Prison and the risk of death do not frighten him. In the presence of Claudia’s advances, he is reserved and stoic, but not outright rejecting, which drives her growing interest in him. His actual feelings toward her are vague and understated.

Reginald appears to be a worshipper of Latalla, a deity known for sacrifice and love. As such, he was happy to take the punishment for Claudia’s crime against Sallith in her place, setting her on a path to return the favor.

As one of the greatest fighters in Mirek, after the legendary arena champion, Headsplitter, he is perhaps the only man who could potentially defeat and slay him.