A Fey, known as the most formidable monster species, in terms of magical aptitude. Cloverra is a mysterious being, sought after by Sallith and Wisp alike. Cloverra’s personality and attitudes are unknown, for now, with Sallith having only one terrifying encounter and few others possessing any memory of the creature.

Fey have a presence that overwhelms other beings, like being slightly too hot and too cold at the same time. They are elf-like in body, but taller, and able to effortlessly float through the air as if controlling gravity to their whims. Fey also have wings, and Cloverra’s are usually in the form of silky, transparent butterfly wings. This form can change, however, as Fey are capable of shifting any part of their flesh at will. They do not wear clothing or adornments usually, but lack all sexual features, such as nipples or genitals.

It is said that Fey are the ancestors of the elves, but only humans and a small number of elven outcasts believe that. The true nature of the Fey and their relationship to other beings is a dark pit of secrets, the discovery of which would change Veminox forever.