Daliah Nierra


Claudia’s single mother, a mage, and a resident of Mirek who works in a tavern as a barmaid. Her barmaid job is lowly and pays little, and much of her income derives instead from generous gifted Kinnitar funds by her best friend, Brinne. Initially named Daliah Pendus, she married Cochran Nierra and moved with him to Mirek from her life in Nimb Vard.

Daliah, Brinne, and Cochran were friends as children, growing up together in Nimb Vard and learning magic. Daliah’s aptitude was high, though not as high as the prodigy, Brinne, and her desire to live a happy domestic life won out over any desire to become a skilled mage.

Ever since a dark moment in the Nierra family’s past, when Claudia was a little girl, Daliah has had to raise her daughter alone. It is fair to say that without her support, Claudia may have not lived half as long a she has.

Possessing the same olive skin and wild black locks as her daughter, Daliah is beautiful. She is also kind and matronly, caring for her daughter in everything she does. She is at an age where she is eager to see her daughter fall in love and start a family of her own, but knows the patriarchal environment of Mirek and Claudia’s independent, enterprising nature clash significantly, making such a chance low.

Despite the risks of Claudia’s career path as the only female jurist of Mirek, she has supported her without fail.