Known as Archmage King of Nimb Vard, King of All Thaumaturges, and similar titles. He has been the leader of Nimb Vard for decades, and his age is unknown.

Like all Thaumaturges, Wisp cloaks his body in the rust-colored robes of his enhanced-mage kind, to conceal his magically mutated body. However, he is unusually tall, and his form particularly vague in that great cage of fabric. Sallith once got a look at Wisp’s foot in mid-stride. What he saw appeared to be bladed, and he never attempted to get another peek at him.

Wisp’s unusual name has no obvious origins, and may have been self-adopted. All Thaumaturges are shrouded in secrecy to protect themselves from outsiders, but Wisp is a special case, as little is known even among his own kind. Legend has it that the Archmage King bloomed into his hideous, cloaked form at a very early age compared to other Thaumaturges, who wait until adulthood.

Despite his isolationist, "pure human"-centered policies, Sallith hypocritically maintains a secret connection to Wisp, communicating through a portal underneath the Mirekian Palace. Both of them are after a certain prize, for opposite reasons, and yet, Wisp shows no concern or aggression toward Sallith, which only uneases him further.

Wisp is composed, stoic, and borderline emotionless. When he speaks, his voice thrums with an off-putting, mild buzz. The cause of this is unknown.

One of the reasons Sallith wants his sons to avoid digging into his private matters or past is because he never, ever wants them to end up anywhere near Wisp. Something deep within the man tells him that such a situation would end in nightmare.