Augustus of The Mirekian Merchant’s Alliance


An early-middle-aged merchant born into the guild of Mirek’s most influential guild of tradesmen. Alliance members may only work to raise their fortunes and deliver a percentage to the guild, and Augustus cannot live for himself until he retires on an allotted sum, still twenty years off. Because of his sheltered upbringing in the alliance and lecherous personality, he has a sexual fixation on Claudia.

He is well-known for using unfair loans and intentional sabotage to render people helpless and legally bound to him. In Claudia’s early years, right after being licensed as a jurist, she attempted to join several of Augustus’ victims together in a class prosecution. Though she could not even get enough people to come for the filing, so fearful they were of his wrath, Augustus has held a grudge and continues to harass her. His fantasies would make any decent person sick.

Augustus grows increasingly daring as he tires of alliance life, and seeks increasingly risky maneuvers, such as using his connection with Juxxa, in order to get Claudia to surrender to him. Though Claudia prefers to blame Sallith and his regime on her poverty, it is actually Augustus’ doings that have led her to starve over the months before the story begins.

To further dislodge Claudia’s options, he tells the starving woman the rumor of a strange window into the palace treasure room, and sells her a hook and rope for her last Kinnitar coin.