Also known as Headsplitter in the north, or as Dragonslayer in his homeland to the west. Juxxa is the champion of Sallith’s arena, a man of modest size but disturbing strength, skill, and brutality in combat. The lower classes of Mirek fill the arena to see him perform in increasingly unfair battles to the death against convicted criminals seeking a chance at freedom.

Juxxa is an Ozarian, a subset of humankind with maternal monster genetics in their lineage, lending them magical aptitude and increased strength. The bigoted Mirekian people think Juxxa is a prime example of his subspecies, a powerful brute who does not need to use the magic he was born with, and a man who is proud to fight in such a way, for the amusement of humans who cannot use magic. In truth, Juxxa is forced to fight and win 100 matches, for the sake of his daughter, Minah, as per the terms of a contract with Sallith. He is torn between a love for combat and an incisive need to protect his daughter.

Looking for a champion to entertain his people, Sallith sent vicious sentries to the far-western lands of Ozaros, after the false legend of the Dragonslayer. In truth, Juxxa merely happened across a dying dragon and granted its request to be put out of its misery, but misinformation was too great and cunning a foe. Sallith ordered Juxxa’s daughter, Minah, to be captured and hidden somewhere in his land. Left with no choice but to fight to get his daughter back, Juxxa bides his time.

No matter how badly Sallith wants the contract to remain unfulfilled, and for his greatest threat to perish, Headsplitter refuses to be defeated. He has nearly completed his 100 matches.