Glaradalle of The Twisting Feather


Full name: Glaradalle Sunspear of The Twisting Feather. Leader of the Ven Quari Elven Covenant, a group of radical elves who honor the supposed mighty beings that birthed all life on Veminox, as well as the Fey. Most cultures, besides for Thaumaturges, are not aware of the Ven Quari legends, and dismiss the Fey as a myth.

He is a stub-nosed elf, prone to leering. Hedonistic and pitiless, Glaradalle poses a much darker hatred for those different from his kind than what Sallith possesses. Due to their similar mindsets, however, the two have natural cause to despise one another.

Glaradalle is mired in the power of his position as a cult leader, and is more interested in chasing and using that power to satisfy his various, repugnant desires. However, Glaradalle poses some consistency among his coldhearted nature. While Sallith has a fondness for his own kind, particularly Chosen humans, Glaradalle cares little even for his own race, happily throwing his loyal followers into danger. The only person Glaradalle truly cares for is his daughter, another member of the Covenant who has been infiltrating the Mirekian Palace to lay the foundation for his eventual siege.


Glaradalle was seduced by the appeal of commandeering the perceived god of his people, the Fey Cloverra, through the orders of an even higher set of beings, the Ven Quari. This disruption of the natural order, a worshipper with too much power, led to Cloverra and many others suffering.

Though he was obeying the orders of Tuft, the Ven Quari, Glaradalle's plan to forcefully convert the Mirekian population into Chosen infants was the final offense for Yindel, and she assisted Claudia and her captured allies into a ruse. This ended with Yindel slaying Glaradalle by her own hand, with one of his skymetal rapiers.