Kaj and Kimora


Ozarian ex-mercenaries from the Lost Hawk band who have thrown aside their days as hired killers. They are now a traveling duo performing stunts based upon Kaj’s extremely deft archery and Kimora’s ogre strength. They are far better known as a duo than as individuals.

All Ozarians have monster blood in their lineages, from the maternal side. The small and wiry Kaj, related to a clurichuan, is a braggart and a glutton, but exceptionally skilled and resourceful. The heavy and tall Kimora, related to an ogre, is protective and loyal, but enters a reckless frenzy when enraged.

Kimora is also a Chosen, like Rat, and the combination of a magical being such as an Ozarian with Chosen powers is particularly rare. His unique power is the ability to know when a person has given up in a struggle, allowing him to safely stop fighting and spare his opponents. Sadly, in the harsh world of Veminox, this Chosen power is of less use than others.


After the double-sided trap planned in the arena match between Juxxa and the two Ozarians, Kaj met his end by one of his own arrows, redirected with a Vextrus spell from Juxxa. He was the first arena opponent Headsplitter faced that forced him to use magic. After Kaj's death, Kimora entered a rage, but Juxxa appeared to be still ahead in strength. The battle stopped when, upon feeling a Chosen being hurt, Cloverra appeared and stopped the violence, absorbing Kimora into its body in a horrifying display.