Tragedy of Veminox FULL E-BOOK (Veminox Arc 1, Entries #1-50)


Dark tidings befall an isolationist human city-state in a massive white sand desert. The tyrannical King Sallith’s laws ban other races, magic, untouchables, and others from the city, and he placates his xenophobic people with gruesome arena battles. The law is bent and broken to his will, which means that a young and passionate jurist, a legal representative of the common man, is out of work.

Her name is Claudia Nierra, and she is starving. She sneaks into the palace to steal something—anything—to fight her starvation. When she gets caught, she enters a path for vengeance with a worldly, mind-reading entrepreneur named Rat. Their plan to uproot Sallith’s hold on the people begins with scheduling a challenger to kill his champion. But both Claudia and Rat will discover Sallith’s true motivations for his isolationist decree, and the horrific lengths human power can reach.

This is the full collection of the first 50 entries of the Veminox Saga. This story is not legitimately sold or distributed as a single collection anywhere else. This is not a traditional book, it does not have a cover, and it is not meant for sale by common digital book sellers such as Amazon and Kobo. It’s just a story, one that I hope you have been enjoying enough to come here.

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