Noctiluca: The Silent Drowning FULL E-BOOK


We all sometimes wish that we could rewind the past month and make completely different choices. But what if that was not a gift, but a curse?

Mellie Agnihotri is a curiosity among her high school students. The shy, prickly, but talented artist makes beautiful charcoal sketches that attract the strange art teacher, Mr. Lye, into convincing her to create a piece for the upcoming school dance. She soon regrets that choice, after she and her best friend, Sam, discover that one of Lye’s arms is completely hollow and glows a disturbing blue.

As if cosmic punishment for seeing what must not be seen, Mellie’s life spins into disaster. The people that matter to her go missing, and Sam becomes violent with her for no clear reason. Her world implodes and darkens on the one night that she thought would turn everything around: the school dance. Everyone vanishes, and she suffers a hideous demise from the disturbing creature Mr. Lye was all along.

Then Mellie wakes up again, two weeks into the past, doomed to repeat them. She is the only one who remembers.

Mellie doesn’t know what is happening to her, or why. But she tells herself one thing: “I’m not crazy. If I decide I’m crazy, it’s the same as giving up.”

Noctiluca explores time loops from the perspective of a talented but timid young woman in a brittle time in her life, and what happens when such a person is tested and trapped in a looping torture.

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