Guest Post on Melanie Ifield’s Blog

Hi folks! I just got a guest post featured on the blog of my good friend and fellow author Melanie Ifield.

Melanie is an all-ages fantasy author who asked me to make a post expressing why I wrote the Feedback Serial. To prevent it from being boring and all about me, I made it a short essay on my perspective when it comes to writing with limitations. Any author or passionate reader might get a kick out of it.

The post is called Deprivation and Innovation: Why Limits Can Make Your Writing Better

Check it out and if you have a comment, please post it to Melanie’s blog instead of here!

Thank you!

P.S. I’ve just finished something really interesting that I’ll show off to ONLY those on my mailing list. Anyone interested in the Feedback Serial should join my list by opting in when choosing to get the first episode for free. That’s all it takes.

More to come!


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