Feedback Updates and The Tragedy of Veminox

So much has happened in what is almost the first half of this year, that I feel a post about what I’m currently working on and planning is useful to the people who are interested.

First of all, Mixer is now available on Amazon. If you read the other two books and were awaiting this one, enjoy!

Below I have more information on what to expect from Feedback, as well as details on my upcoming fantasy work: The Tragedy of Veminox.

Feedback Season Two and Onward

Feedback serial books from season one

It’s nearly finished!

Feedback has been an adventure. Of all my writing projects from the start, it has been the most ambitious, namely because even when the first four-book season is finished (4 is in editing), I will still have following seasons to write. Feedback is based on a novel series that I decided to re-write, and those novels covered a very large span of time. Some characters who are young adults in this first season will live on and be featured as much older adults in the later seasons.

As for exactly how many seasons there will be, I’m really not sure. Initially I wrote three novels, and thus expected three seasons. But in the process of writing season one, the story transformed into something with very different plot points from the first novel. I expect that while some core events will remain, the path is going to change and likely open up new possibilities. It all remains to be seen.

What I do know is this: releasing the episodes one book at a time has, thus far, proved unsuccessful. The time between releasing the individual books was too great, and interest in single episodes was too low. This is a shame, but also a good lesson learned.

I have decided that season two of Feedback will be released all at once, with all four episodes and the full season e-book releasing at the same time.

This is more sensible for my current situation. The true episodic nature of Feedback should be in the seasons, not the individual episodes. That provides more value at once to readers. The specific dates of the season two release will be announced sometime after I finish season one for good, and that will also be the time that pre-ordering season two will be possible. I will also have the covers all done and together by then, which will be nice.

The Tragedy of Veminox

Veminox is a project I am very passionate about, equally so with Feedback. It is a fantasy story, and while Feedback covers a soft sci-fi world that rejects loud noise and music, Veminox covers (initially) a city-state where the tyrannical king has banned mages and elves, creating a paranoid, isolationist human state. While this sounds like a similar idea in different settings, Veminox is almost nothing like Feedback.

Veminox is, on the whole, much more violent and action-oriented than Feedback. In Feedback, my general philosophy is that everyone is trying to do the right thing, and in Veminox my philosophy is rather that everyone suffers in some way.

Most interesting, though, is how Veminox can be read. I have a particularly interesting plan that I find fun to write and likely fun to read. Veminox will be available entirely for free, as its large stories or “Acts” become available. However, it will be read through email delivery. You can sign up to read Veminox, and from that point, my email system will send you one short entry a day.

I want this to be something more accessible than Feedback, something that people enjoy gradually, on a break at work, or at any little free moment in the day. I think this type of story delivery may be perfect for a lot of people, in our increasingly busy and distracted culture.

What happens if I want to read the story faster than one entry per day?

That’s where the option comes to rush order the stories in the Act. At any time, depending on your progress receiving the entries, you can pay to open the floodgates and receive the entire story, to read as you wish. I’m still deciding the actual price and intervals, but the farther in a person has already gotten for free, the lower the price will be to rush order the remaining entries. I think this is fair, because otherwise a person who rushed the entries halfway or 75 percent through would be paying the same as someone who rushed from the beginning, to get most or all of the entries instantly. I believe you should pay based on how much of the story you haven’t gotten yet.

I’ll have more posts about these things as I continue to work on them. I’m getting the covers made in advance for Feedback Season two, as well as a cover for Veminox, so look out for those!

Thanks for your time!


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