Welcome to my site.

I’m Shane, and I’ve been writing for eight years. I’ve told stories my entire life, in written form or verbally. The art of sucking people into a situation or world and having them identify with its characters is what I’m interested in, so much so that I’ve also begun sharing my opinions and tips on the fiction writing process.

I’m not in love with words. I write complex stories in simple ways, to make my point, set a scene, imply a dark truth, and then move on. I don’t know if minimalist describes it, though. Not entirely.

Call me a minimalist world-builder, then. That works.


  1. Hi Shane

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    • Hello Isaac,

      I am unfortunately very happy with my editor, and we have such a stellar relationship, I wouldn’t want anyone else to edit, at least in the series I’m currently writing. That said, your free offer does interest me, and a second proofread is something I’d definitely appreciate. I’ll contact you soon, and thank you!

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