Veminox Promotion on TotallyFreeStuff

Now that Veminox has begun to gain a small following, and I am close to releasing the sequel, I decided that it’s time to start getting the series some more exposure.

As an unconventional free fiction product, more unique than the typical free ebook that authors give away, I decided to try TotallyFreeStuff, figuring that the offer to start receiving entries of The Tragedy of Veminox might stand out and gain more attention.

Take a look at the offer here if you’re intrigued with how I did it. It just goes to the special page where people can sign up for Veminox if they’re interested.

If you’re also an author, you might want to consider this opportunity if you have a free fiction item that’s more unique than a freebie on Amazon (TotallyFreeStuff is currently full on those, they say). I’ll update this post with reports on how this goes, assuming it has any effect.

This is also a good time to mention that I’ve decided to not use this blog so much. I might try guest posts on other people’s blogs, but I have no real interest in creating and attempting to promote writing that isn’t my fiction anymore, so expect no more of that. There will just be occasional updates like this.

However, what you can do is check my Facebook page for more info on the latest minutiae of my author career. 😉 I post often, and right now there are previews for the next arc of Veminox, and coming tomorrow, Feedback Episode Five.

I know I’m speaking to like, five people tops, but I apologize for this blog withering if you were interested. Please check my Facebook page if you’re interested in what I’m doing. There is some real engagement there and I’d love to have you join in.



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