Major Settings of Veminox

Take note that settings pages are divided into two sections. The first is general information that does not spoil the plot of Veminox, and the latter is all spoilable information meant to be learned within the story. Reading about locations not yet encountered in the story is safe, as long as the latter portion is not read.


The Gorung Dessert

  • Mirek
  • Nimb Vard
  • Obsidian Mountains
  • Corpse Fragments

Central Veminox

  • Rose Amon
  • Jade Crags
  • Trenches of Karihoul

Southern Veminox

  • Inria
  • Crown of Pines
  • Delvina
  • Broken Isthmus
  • The Sunken Steps

Ozaros and the West

  • Ozaros
  • Sinking Island
  • Calcified Descent
  • Ozarian Sea